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I have been on my path of conscious living since 2010. It has been an amazing journey. I have studied metaphysics, embarking on meditative journeys and vision quests. I have gone to a psychologist to relieve myself of unpleasant memories and transform my being from a reactive state to an active conscious living. I have strengthened my boundaries, defined my life goals, and re-defined them again just to be sure.

Over the past few years I’ve gone through the most amazing transformation of my lifetime. I’ve gone through Tony Robbins Mastery University and got my Coaching credentials from his school, Robbins Madanes Training.

I have recently undergone the biggest battle of my life for my health. I have struggled with my health over the past half of decade, despite a healthy diet and a moderately active lifestyle. I have turned to many cleanses, diets and massage techniques. I’ve gone through acupuncture and went to saunas and natural springs within the area. I’ve found a large mass in my stomach at the end of 2017, only to go to ER and be told that I should take laxatives for a chronic constipation issue. A few months later, while reading through a Mind-Body ailments book, while looking for answers on how to fix my ongoing condition – one ailment in the book matched my mental state fully. A month later my suspicion was confirmed – it was a tumor.

As of July 2018, I’ve had the tumor removed, which clocked in at nearly two pounds; measuring: 10cm X 12cm x 13cm. It was a size of a 5-month-old fetus and I’ve been faux pregnant with it over the course of 5+ years.

Through the journey of trying to understand my body I have tried and studied numerous diets, such as: Keto, Bulletproof, Mediterranean, Vegetarian/Vegan, Pescatarian, Blood Type/Genotype, Cycle diet and many more. I took a nutrition course in college to have a better understanding rooted in science. I’ve done allergy testing and DNA testing to assure that my findings about my body were correct. I have participated in numerous physical activities, classes and programs as well. It became progressively worse for me, as with the growth of the tumor, my body became malnourished and I’ve developed arthritis and a myriad of other issues.

Now I am sailing through my recovery and still waiting on doctors orders and clearance to do the things I need to improve my health.

The bottom line is:
I am a survivor with a goal to thrive in the face of any adversity that may come my way.

With my ongoing health issues and treatments – I turned to be a professional life coach, full time.

I enjoy steering people towards their goals and dreams one little adjustment at the time. Working with me is not easy and it requires commitment. Because of my personal transformation through abuse, codependency, self-destructive tendencies and victim mentality – I see the patterns and I am present for the pain my clients may feel. I personally know the way out and I see deeper than anyone else, because I’ve approached my issues differently from everyone else. I followed my own way of getting me out of my mess and I am excited to share my hacks and finds with others.

I don’t lead my clients through the path of least resistance – we get rid of resistance, while taking the hard-high road. We investigate the darkest corners of their mind together and I gladly hold the space for such explorations. Running away from fear or from your problems only makes them seem bigger. We do our best to slay the monster while it is little and set on the empowering path of accountability.

I blend metaphysics and psychology to have a deeper understanding on how to help my clients. I analyze the words they use along with the tone of voice. I make a narrative of who they are before I meet them. I run their astrological chart if I have the birth date, I check their social media to compile their views and values. I do my job to make sure that solutions I present to them will be easily integrated into their life and identity. I strive to make the transformation they have through my coaching to be more permanent than temporary.

I love to help people get towards the life they want with minimum struggle and maximum results.

I hope that you will enjoy the collection and diversity of my posts. I am more than happy to share. Feel free to reach out.


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