Vulnerably Exposed

We expose, then hide, then buffer.
Get exposed, then hide, then buffer
Rinse, repeat
Rinse, repeat
Buffer. Hide. Exposed. Repeat.
That strange beast we call vulnerability.
It is a muscle of acceptance, surrender and resilience at the same time.
It’s a paradox of control and out of control.
It is shame while being shameless.
It’s being exposed while standing fully in your power.
It’s the purest form of being, for it’s as close to your innocence as you’re ever going to get…
Too much exposure, too much surrender, too much of a shame-game trip…
And we hide.
Usually within ourselves…

What is that sliver of societal programming that makes us cover up our pure authenticity and buff away the pain from the mask we wear for our protection?
The buffers usually coincide with the masks we wear:
Those that suffer from humiliation buff away with food and booze while sacrificing their needs all the way through.
Those perfectionists, that suffer from injustice, turn to sex drugs and rock-n-roll because fuck calories…
Those control freaks that suffer from betrayal enjoy more cutting-edge releases of manipulation with stakes getting higher and higher every time…
Hmm… perhaps their vulnerability is the most volatile to society.

What would it take to open up the wounded soul to the sun and accept that there’s a wound that needs some healing?
How can you learn to stay with yourself, by yourself, in love sans shame?
They say time heals, yet so does wisdom and patience.
Yet in the world where time is a thing, pain is the beast and you are the martyr – surrender is your only option.
…and that bastard took my time.

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I assist curious souls with finding alignment in life. I guide them through tools of psychology and metaphysics.

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