Two Loves

I find myself waking up between two loves almost every day of my life now!
Have you ever experienced a similar situation?
Waking up between two kids?
Two fur babies?
Two lovers [I don’t judge 😉]?
I wake up between my man and eight pounds of tuxedo fury. 
Moving feels like Causing a disruption to the natural balance of the universe,
and with the purity and vulnerability of all involved
the only thing that surges through my mind is:
chores and deadlines be damned – insert your human problem here.
It is at that moment of being captured physically that my mind surrenders and issues the order to stand down and to simply – RECEIVE.
It is at that moment there are two souls clinging to you for warmth and comfort offering you love – so TAKE IT.
They are not thinking of work, traffic, bills, alarms, soulmates: they are only present therein and now.
At that point in time they are AT LOVE.
They ARE love.
So take this opportunity to breathe it in, even for a nano second!
You are love and you are loved!
Stay with it!


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I assist curious souls with finding alignment in life. I guide them through tools of psychology and metaphysics.

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