Apple and Cinnamon season…

Let’s get this straight- even if you don’t believe in magical or spiritual properties of herbs – you can’t deny their medicinal qualities. One of the first books on herbs I’ve had was about the use of herbs medicinally. This is how I know that comfrey is healing to physical wounds and can cause liver damage if taken internally. Nettle is natures tonic and has medicinal properties similar to aspirin. Mellissa is antiviral, best taken during colds. Raspberry leaf tea or supplements help reproductive system and balance hormones overall.

If you think about history of herbs and trees – you could easily trace how their metaphysical qualities came to be. Take lavender and rosemary; rosemary’s pungent aroma and lavenders practically cure-all qualities – is it any wonder that they are deemed plants of protection and purification?

Throughout history when food was at scarcity during winter months and foods with long lasting shelf life were the lifeblood of our ancestors. Is it any wonder that apples are the symbols of beauty, love and fertility? How many other fruits do you know that could survive the winter and not spoil? Not much if any. When was the last time you tasted an apple and I mean really tasted? Do you have a favorite sort? I always find something very humbling and yes even magical about fresh crisp apples in a fall.

Carrots, potatoes, beets and fermented cabbage were a go-to, with onions and garlic. Is it any wonder that they were assigned symbolism of fertility and prosperity and even love. These were the live blood of cold winters and if you did not have enough – you perished.

When events come together and feelings intermingle into harmony – we assign meaning to the details involved. Some details end up being involved more than once and thus they inherit the feelings to connect us to what we perceive as collective or higher power.

If you ought to taste an apple right now, you may discover a different taste to it than before you’ve read these words. I invite to go outside with a fresh apple, sometime in the cold of night or the chill of morning and taste it.

And this is simply with awareness of its history. We can go much deeper into our surroundings to enhance our connection to other people and to our planet.

Think about the air you’re breathing. It was here long before you were born and it was inhaled by your every ancestor at least once. Each molecule of oxygen on this planet has been a part of a human at some point before – the ultimate recycling.

Each water molecule has been recycled through this planet before. Each water molecule within you has been a part of something else already and each water molecule of the apple in your hand has been a part of something else.

Millions upon millions of molecules and atoms keep on running through this planet, revolving around the sun for centuries, evolving into something new…

who is to say that it won’t be a bite of the apple that will trigger the next step of consciousness evolution? Each breath we take is a miracle. Each time we merge our body with another precious molecule, we change ourselves, and create something new. We are the web that connects this planet, we are the water, the air and the heat. Knowing this, how can you not believe in magic?

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I assist curious souls with finding alignment in life. I guide them through tools of psychology and metaphysics.

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