This funny thing called intuition…


After a while you get good at that thing called – intuition.

What others refer to as luck or gut feeling – you know it as your internal analysis system that has received the clues your conscious brain has not caught on to yet.

We are animals on such a deep innate level. A human can determine dangerous individuals by scent, as well as potential partners.

Did you know that males can determine when a female ovulates by smell, by the way a she moves and the sound of her voice?

When the heart beats faster or the body temperature changes – our eyes can determine the flush of the skin, our nose can sense the slightest change in pheromones and some can even taste them in the air.

The nonverbal communication is so deeply rooted within us that we know.

We always know.

Good day. Bad day. Mediocre day. Any person we see, meet – they shout at us with their bodies. They communicate their joy, fears, loneliness and frustration. Even those ignoring us communicate: ‘At this time, I want this space’.

Our voices can indicate excitement, care, love, distrust. We talk before we speak up, yet when we do speak – the colors of our voice tell stories. A voice can convey ease or rigid believes; acceptance or patterned thinking. It’s all programmed so well within our bodies – yet it is so measurable. It’s so unique and distinct.

We are animals and complex machines all at once. We are disgusting and savage, yet at the same time beautiful. We are simple in our behavior and complex in almost everything else.

We call it intuition – when it’s simply an analysis of cause and effect.

We call it luck when it’s our patterns and internal clock with a drive of convergence at a common goal.

We are beautifully complex machines running simple patterns.

We know, and we trust.

We trust and verify.

We are the evolution of this planet as it is evolving us. We are pushing this planet out of its zone of comfort as it did to us for generations.

We are the masters of our destiny and this planet is the master of us, for now anyway…

Is everything truly synchronous or is it us simply observing and taking notes? Can it all be truly unbalanced when it is all so cyclical? Did you really guess, or did you always know?

This funny thing called intuition…

©Tatyana Bondarenko,

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I assist curious souls with finding alignment in life. I guide them through tools of psychology and metaphysics.

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