Who Are You?

You saw me and you asked
Who are you?
And you meant “Who” instead “How”

You’ve smiled
Because you vaguely know me,
Yet have no clue
What I’m about.

I soaked up the glimmer
Of your sly smile.
Stood up:

…and honestly replied:

I am a woman
Whom you’ve seen many times,
And today is the first time you have spoken to.

I am a woman
Who wrote you once
And never got a reply.

I am a woman
Who has idealized you
And has seized to be disappointed
By the actions of the person you really are.

That is who I am.
And who are you?

Are you the man
Who has recognized the girl
Standing before him,
As a woman
He really wants to get to know?

Are you the man
Who knows now what he wants
And is not afraid to fight for it?

Are you a man
Who sees the opportunities he’s missed,
And treats them as most treasured lessons?

Is that who you are?

Because, I am a woman
Who rarely gives a second chance.
For all those seconds have come back
To bite me in the ass more than once.

I am a woman
To whom the ones fallen off the pedestal
Are never to return to previous inception.

Because to drop you off,
I must have suffered though
Immense amount of pain to pull the plug.

I am a woman who forgives
But not forgets,
Because retention of misfortunes
Is my collateral to life without pain.

I hope that you’re a man
Who learns from his mistakes.

The lesson here is
‘Listen to your heart that guides you’

My intention was not to cause you pain
It was to save myself from it.

That is who I am.
And how are you?

©Tatyana Bondarenko

This poem was written in February 2012. It is about a man in Florida whom I met two years ago for the first time. Mr. Pisces Sun/Pisces Venus a gentle guy…
I got my reply from him two years later. I was very tempted to write “Who are you?”, but I did not 🙂

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