The Deck of Cards

With all the boundaries you’ve trespassed
You’ve used me as a pawn.
I see the game, that war you’re fighting.
Dare not to think that you’ve yet won.

For all those times you were around
Within proximity of love,
For all those times our paths have crossed –
Play me I let you.

I see that foreground in your mind
Your endless conquests and endeavors,
You see me near and all around –
And even that yet still I let you.

The sheath of power you behold
Translucent set of strings and wires,
 Dare not to think to me they are attached –
I let you.

Revolve around the falcon
Plans to bind and capture.
The captor I am not
So yes, I let you.

Projection lost,
Rejection found,
Objections met –
Again, I led you.

What is a pawn,
When fight is for the queen?
The beaming falcon
Of the never-ending story.

No love, no glory,
No demise, no losses.
 No tangibles,
Means there was not a fight.

Become a hermit
Drenched in temperance,
Return to tower
The wheel of fortune’s near, my love!

The priestess
With magicians key awaits –
Yet not for you, my fool,
For this time I won’t let you.

©Tatyana Bondarenko

This poem was written in April 2012. It was written about my then crush, who is now a good friend 🙂

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I assist curious souls with finding alignment in life. I guide them through tools of psychology and metaphysics.

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