Lily of the Valley

You did not want to see me
But I came over anyway.
Against my better judgment,
And against your truth.

The blanket of approval –
How ironic
To you it’s just an irritant within.

And the depth of you…
Despair and sacrifices…
How far is truly
Your attempt to bend?

No time is lost,
No energy is wasted,
The fate of hanged man –
Leaves nothing in your hands.

The sweet, the sweet surrender
How sweet it truly is,
When you are open to it all
Fully submerged in it?

The art of letting go
The beauty it beholds,
Let go to love
Or let go and let god.

Whether your god is love
Or love itself is god,
Who says that it’s all right?
Who says that it’s all good?

Sweet pain – vulnerability.
Sweet pain – uncovered truths.
Sweet pain – unpredictability.
Sweet pain – love unreturned.

Surrender all control!
Abandon logic –
Let your emotions run the show.
The heart is open, loving
And loyal to the fault.

Love love and happiness
Abandon doubt,
A pair of wings
To fly through paradise.

The realm of humble.
Petal showers.
The bliss of lightness.
Rays of sun.

The lily of the valley
Spread alongside the path,
Sweet innocence and purity
Combined with deathly bite.

©Tatyana Bondarenko

This poem was written in May 2012. Those were the gloomy times that we filled with love and hate for me, thus the outcome as you can see is bittersweet. I was one of the few people who knew that Lily of the Valley is poisonous, before I saw the Breaking Bad series 🙂

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