I am like a balloon:
You squeeze me in one end
I expand in the other.

You squeeze me out in one place,
I regain my form in other space.

I am an entity filled with air,
Capable of defying pressure
And gaining momentum
Upon foregoing it.

I float.
I burst only under severe pressure
That is aimed to be lethal to my existence.
Under severe circumstances,
I morph and change my boundaries.

When I am in dense pressure,
I reduce and compact myself
To match the laws of my environment,
All while retaining a soft demeanor.

At that stage
My boundaries thicken
And I become nearly indestructible,
Because the contents of me are suppressed.

When pressure is light
I expand my being,
Surpass my comfortable boundaries
And carry hard and tough exterior.

At that point
I become fragile and vulnerable
To the outside force.

However, with perfect absence of pressure
I would implode,
Thus I have come to terms with the fact
That I need a source of outside stimulation.

Within the bounds of me
I know who I am.
I know my contents.
I know my boundaries.

The process of never ending adjustments
Has turned me weary.

Over time my boundaries have gotten reinforced
And now I am able to adjust to a range
Of multiple conditions.

I am still in search of my ideal setting,
Where I can comfortably expand within myself
And suppress none;

Where I am not in the density of life
And yet I am not grandiose beyond my bounds.

While searching upon my journey
To perfect balance,
I encounter other balloons.

Our residual energy
Attracts us to each other.
And the more we rub together
The more we cling to one another.

All while there are a few
Who expand
And squeeze the others,
Refusing to let go and fly away.

They face the tragic possibility
Of being burst
Upon inflicting pressure
To time-tested walls of others.

They dare not realize
Their contents of themselves
Won’t change,
Regardless of the pressure they exude.

And thus my contents also be intact
And will not shift to less than.

We may exist in different planes
Of time and space,
In different shapes;

However, at the basic level,
We will forever be balloons


©Tatyana Bondarenko

That poem came to me as I was playing with my friends’ balloons at her birthday party. It was written in May 2012.

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I assist curious souls with finding alignment in life. I guide them through tools of psychology and metaphysics.

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