I choose to walk away

As an open and sore heart
There comes the time,
When regardless of pain
The heart just wants to love.

Others tell it “No.”
The object of desire says “I don’t.”
Your head says “You’ll get hurt.”
And the heart still loves.

It’s open
And it’s bleeding out.
It’s leaking pain
And hemorrhaging love;

Love and pain
So closely intertwined

What does is mean,
When in fear of feeling pain
You still love?

You trust and you fall
You love and you feel

You trust the person that shall not be trusted.
You fall at your own will and risk.
You love with no reciprocal of love.
You feel it all the way to the core.

Where therein lays a dysfunction?
Where therein lays an insane clot
Of self devaluation and destruction?

It seems so clean and pure.
The last shreds of innocence…

I was in it for the broken heart!

That was my dysfunctional beginning
To a functional end.

I leave and I still love.
I live and I still feel.

I am aware of my mindset
And that brings me
One step closer
To enlightenment.

This time I will be able to stop
One step before destruction,
Due to my inherent dysfunction –
One step closer to success.

I am getting out of this density
And I will convert it into pure love.

Unattached – not disattached.
Personal – not partial.
Willful and skillful,
But my way,

Once more –
I choose to walk away.

© Tatyana Bondarenko

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I assist curious souls with finding alignment in life. I guide them through tools of psychology and metaphysics.

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