I Love

I love that every time
You talk to me
You realize I am not
The same person I was last week.

I love that those who
Think they knew me,
Now realize they
Do not know me at all.

I love that those who
Never knew me,
Now do not want
To let me go.

I love that even if
You’ve lost me –
You still have
A chance to be found.

I love that those who’ve
Ever viewed me as a mess,
Now see me
As a greatest treasure.

I love that those who
Value my knowledge beyond my maturity,
Know — it really is
Beyond my maturity.

I love that when
I am your guide —
I still manage
To be your student.

I love that I don’t need,
But I still want.
I love that even when
I do not listen —  I still feel.

I love you all,
And thus I love myself.

I love you all so much
That I don’t mind,
That love is not an emotion
Rather it’s a state of mind.

Love is the way to be,
As long as we love –
We are free and we evolve

Beyond the limits
Of perfection – to infinity,
Where everything is a possibility;

The soul to soul connection
Is the only pure and true attraction
Among all and not just two.

That world is here
And it is available to you.

The world where
Only sustenance is love,
The world of being.

To get there,
You don’t have to try that hard.
Just close your eyes
And open up your heart.

Then drop that shield
That keeps you in your shell.
Look in the mirror and say:
“I Love you! All is well”

©Tatyana Bondarenko

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