I am a Bullet…

I am a bullet –
Alive and with a soul.
But I am one hell of the hollow point.

I fly though life.
In perfect vacuüm I could fly forever.
But I am here on Earth.

With constant gravity and air resistance
I am bound to slow down and stop eventually.
At that point I will be still.
I will just be – be  me.

However chances are
My flying trajectory
Will be disrupted by an object,
An obstacle along my way.
Upon my perfect journey
With a perfect end.

That will only come to pass
Once I become a full pointed bullet.

The bullets fly
And pass right though their targets.
Most of the time they pass
Undamaged and unchanged.

But I am hollow.
I hit my obstacles hard and fast,
Explode inside them,
And take them down with all my force.

I learn my lessons from my challenger
And use them to smooth out
My damaged edges.

I ground myself
And fill my hollow center.
Then I fire again.

I fly until another obstacle
Gets in my way,
Another demon to feed on.

With every obstacle upon my path
I fill up more
And I become less hollow.

Then later I pass though harder targets,
Faster, cleaner – with less damage.
Eventually I will be whole.

Though bullets do
Get stuck and stopped
By force that seems to be much greater.

They hit the wall, a shield inside a vest.
There they lay still, forever rest.

In terms of physics
When you push
The object pushes back

Yet that force is all the same
Because there is no movement.
It does not mean its force great,
It simply means
It can sustain more damage
Than you could inflict upon it.

Though even in your toughest battles
You are a balanced match.

Someday I will become
Full pointed bullet,
And I will hit some tough contenders.

Eventually I will be stopped.
Though at that time I will not resist
Surrendering to my opponent.
Because it is my equal.

I will be whole
And I will rest assured
I can become a part of it
And stay whole
Forever intact.

But for now
I am a hollow point
On my way
To perfect love in perfect trust.

© Tatyana Bondarenko

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I assist curious souls with finding alignment in life. I guide them through tools of psychology and metaphysics.

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